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2010 16.1 OTTB Gelding


JC: Shinning Powers

14yo 16.1h OTTB gelding

Located in Pittsburgh, PA


If you’re an adult ammy or good riding junior who’s looking for a horse with some fun buttons on the flat and can jump around a 2’6 course, I’ve got him right here!

Lucky is between a whoa & go ride. You set the pace and he’ll keep it. He has fun lateral buttons or will go on the buckle like a hunter type. Over fences, Lucky has his own motor with a snaffle mouth. He has a round jump & gives a really nice feeling over fences. He has done 2’9 courses with an adult ammy in the past. As of recently he has been doing small grids and lines. Lucky really seems to enjoy grid work!

We’ve found that Lucky does best with one consistent rider. He was purchased with the intentions of entering a lesson program but found that he has a lot of buttons, and when confused, his go-to is to become tense.

Right now, Lucky is leased out 3 days a week to an adult ammy who enjoys riding on the flat. He also jumps about once a week and is relaxed and happy. He will need more consistency to start going over bigger courses again. We have been doing mainly small grids and lines.

Lucky recently received hock injections, and will likely need to continue this periodically. His last set was almost 2 years ago. He has received an SI injection in the past, but has not needed another one. At that point he had a lot of beginners bouncing on his back from a previous program and came to us a bit sore. To stay in top shape, Lucky wears 4 shoes and front pads. He sports two bowed tendons from way back in his track days. These are blemishes and have NOT caused any unsoundness & will not be a concern. They are cold and set.

UTD on shots, Coggins, dental, etc. He is ready to go!


Junior rider -

Grid/jump -

December 2023 -

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