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We're Growing!

Lunar Hill Equestrian was established in 2017. That means we’ve been in business for almost three years and it has FLOWN by!

We started off teaching in a small grass arena with two horses & have since evolved into a facility that boasts two large round pens, a full jump/dressage arena, miles of trails, upgraded footing, and four amazingly talented school horses.

Emma & Charm flying over 3' in our large jump arena.

This summer, we’re growing even bigger. Our summer schedule is almost full (two more spots left!) and we’re going to need some more horses soon. As of this weekend we are preparing to add a lounge, tack room, and bathroom into the barn which will open up two more stalls. Grace is going to be thrilled, she loves hanging out in the barn during the day.

Grace snoozing before lessons today! We had lots of construction going on but she didn't seem to mind the noise.

We’ll also be adding a TON of pasture (the horses are going to be so excited). Looking for a shady area to sit while watching lessons? An outdoor viewing area above our large round pen (near the rock wall) will be coming. Throughout the winter we used a large light tower to continue riding after it got dark. This year we’ll be putting in actual light poles! It’s going to look like a football field and better yet.. no obnoxious light tower sound that I have to yell over!

Long term - an indoor arena, cross country course, & covered round pen but we’re going to focus on the little things first.

With that all being said, we are going to raise our prices by $5. Thirty minute lessons will now be $35 and hour long lessons will be $55. This will start on the week of June 10th.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, I couldn’t have done this without any of you! Some of you have been with us for three years and I am so thrilled with the progress we’ve ALL been making!

Attached are some pictures of our facility as it has evolved.. crazy!

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